Friday, June 03, 2005

...Hay continued

Linen tablecloth
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Anyway back to the shopping story. I had quite an exciting find. I popped into the Oxfam store (looking for jumpers to shrink) and was amazed to find an extensive display of vintage embroidered linen. It was in all perfect condition and beautifully laundered and starched. A gorgeous hand embroidered tablecloth for the price of a sandwich!! I couln't decide between the pieces so ended up with most of them.

When I asked the lady at the counter about where they were from, she said that one of the lady's that sorts the linen puts aside some of the better pieces she comes across throughout the year. Then once a year she launders them all and puts them all out on display. And that one day was the day I was there! How lucky. She said that word had got out and when they opened that morning there was a queue at the door. i can only imagine what they had at the beginning of the day.

here are some pictures - not the best lighting i'm afraid.

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