Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Tube Explosions

I feel like I have an echo in my head - I was walking through Victoria this morning looking at the Olympic news plastered across the front of newspapers thinking “Why on earth would they want it?…what a security nightmare”.

Ten minutes later everyone was evacuated from Westminster tube where we had stopped on the Circle line. I was impressed with the calmness of the crowd as hundreds of people left the station, some even lingering behind as seasoned commuters know, things could be back on track again any moment. Unfortunately this time it is more serious than the usual signal failure/ lack of driver. I walked along the Embankment to the office with police and ambulance vehicles racing past to the east side of the city.

News is trickling through about more explosions and we have been advised to stay inside our buildings.


Heatherly said...

glad to hear you are well! praying for london. hope all your friends and family are safe, too.

becks said...

from one london knitter to another, i hope you made it safely home. i can't quite believe this has happened to us...

Anonymous said...

So sad that things like this happen. Hope all your friends and family are alright, and this doesn't happen anymore. My thoughts are with you.
Your secret knitting pal