Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Luckiest Girl in the World!

Just when I thought my week was made by my secret pal parcel, I received my back tack goodies in the mail yesterday and…WOW!! Cassie from Bella Dia has sent the most gorgeous, creative sewing basket and needle case. The patterns on the fabric and details are just amazing. After staring at it for ages I still can’t work out how she’s actually done it. Thank you Cassie I absolutely love it.

She has also thoughtfully added some quilting fabric, gorgeous vintage buttons, a nifty little bamboo corner thingy and Reeses choccies YUM! And she also has special Bella Dia notepaper…very cool.

I haven’t had a chance to put up any photos but you can see them on Bella Dia here (scroll down a bit).

I’m adding my two generous and creative back-tack buddies to my links, Cassie at Bella Dia and Kath at Red Current – they do some wonderful craft and art – check them out.

And thanks to Nicole at Craftapalooza for organising back-tack….and for introducing me to a whole lot of crafty blogs I now have to compulsively check regularly.

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