Thursday, July 21, 2005

Make-up Pouch

Make-up Bag detail
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It might not look it from recent entries but i have managed a bit of crafty stuff lately.

This post is for Mary who sent me this fabric in a swap.

I wanted a gift for Steve's mum Lynn who was heading off from the UK for the next leg of her round the world trip to Canada. Inspired by all the crafty people around the place I thought I'd make something. And I had the pefect fabric as I knew Lynn likes these jewel colours. Its a very simple design but I like the way it turned out. The purple fabric on the right is the lining and the blue fabric on the left is the back.

And the prop is the cool bamboo thingy that Bella Dia gave me as part of back-tack - its so handy!

And although there have been more "incidents" (nice euphemism from the authorities here) and the tube is closed completely WE ARE NOT AFRAID!! And I'm fine.


Jade said...

I am glad you are fine, and hope that your friends and family are too. Odd as it may be strangers are thinking of your and yours!

Lynn said...

Hello Helen
Seems as if this is the only wayfor me to contact you!!! I like this pouch too and I am the recipiant. My family that I have shown it too like it also. I put all the things that matter into it when I go out and about.
Please send me your e-mail address

Mamie said...

Hi Helen,
I have been away or else I would have commented sooner... this pouch is beautiful! Good job!!
I have been thinking of you these past few weeks with all the news in London of bomb attacks and suspects. I know it is a scary thing to be in a town that seems to be the target for terrorist plots.