Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday is Bomb Day

Bomb Day
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I haven't been too fazed by using public transport since the attacks. but just when I'm not expecting it I'll have a little frission of nerves. This morning it was the young guy with a large black bag sitting on the seat in front of him. We were the only two people on the top level and every time he reached over to his bag I had to stop myself running down the stairs. Mostly there are just bored, tired looking commuters reading their Evening Standards and not causing any alarm (or even alertness) at all.

Today its a bit hard to pretend things are normal though as every tube and train station has a contingent of police at all the entrances. All looking very alert.
I'm just hoping they don't get overly alarmed again like last week.

On a lighter note, last weekend we went to visit friends and see their new house in a small village north of London. We have a lovely evening sitting in the garden, having a barbie and eating their freshly grown veggies, straight from their allotment. Beth has been growing up a storm. It started to rain but that didn't stop us. It is England ...and it was quite warm still...and the rain wasn't all that heavy. And it is summer.

We got away on Saturday morning after we finally got Mum, Dad, K & P and 6 weeks of luggage (mostly booze) packed into the car and off on their canal boat + Ireland road trip. The family arrived at my place on Friday night + travelling David + Smithy. We were in full swing of a minor party celebrating K & P finishing up at work and I was on my own personal mission to drink as much of their stock of French wine before they could pack it, when my part time week day lodger (& colleague) walked in unexpectedly. He looked a bit surprised (I think he thinks I just sit on the sofa, knit and watch big brother), but not as much as me who had already mentally given his bedroom away to several visitors! Lucky for everyone that he didn't arrive a few hours later.

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Lynn said...

Hello Helen
Tis Lynn here, I have asked my son Steve to send your e-mail address but so far he hasn't!!!! Then I remembered that I had this contact for you so hope you are reading it and will send me your e-mail adress. Love this site though.
Love Lynn