Friday, August 26, 2005

Ends and Joins

Ends and Joins
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I was going fine knitting away on each of the separate parts. But I got into a bit of a tangle when it came to joining up the shoulders and doing the neckband. I had to pick up stitches from the fronts and back as well as add a few in between. So far so good, but when I got round to the back I had my end from the front and then the one from the back (at the end of a row of stitches I was picking up) and I had no idea which to use. I continued on the one from the front but then had no idea what to do with this one hanging around at the back...its from a stitch and I don't know how to secure it off. Maybe I should have knitted a few stiches with both threads? NOTHING in my finishing techniques book about this tricky situation!! And Debbie (Bliss...the pattern I'm using) was no help either. Anyone know what I should do/ should have done? ie if you can make any sense of what I'm going on about at all....


Lynn said...

You tell a very good story Helen. I had a good laugh!!I am not absolutley sure of your problem but I think I would have tied the 2 loose strands of wool, then stitched them into the garment. Hard to know without seeing it. Is this the one you started at Melmerby?

Anonymous said...

hmmm, I'd love to help you out, but can't figure out what you're talking about hehe. Are the ends of string you're talking about just yarn ends from binding off? If so, those are just ends that you weave into the rest of your knitting to hide. I'm confused as to how you have 2 different ends in the middle of your back? Maybe a close up picture of that spot might help.
Good luck!
your secret pal
(by the way I just sent out your last package today)

Helen said...

Thanks SP - I still don't know who you are but am looking forward to the reveal!

Well I had two ends because I had the back piece which wasn't cast off...there were some stitched left to pick up so that was one end. Then I joined the two front pieces on at the shoulders (and had more stitches left on both those). So I started on the neck band at the front and knitted back around the back...thats where I hit the dilema of the extra end. I think in retrospect i should have cut the end and knitted a few stitches with the two yarn threads together...does that sound right?

Anyway I just kind of sewed the back end into the shoulder seam ...hopefully it will hold ok!!