Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I have been doing some....slowly but surely. I'm sure my secret pal is wondering by now why on earth I signed up for a knitting swap - but I will be putting the book of knitting techniques to good use tonight as I think I may be up to the finishing stage! I should have a completed baby cardy soon if all goes well.

The thing is, while I have no shortage of babies and potential babies to make things for (i think at last count it was 5 friends expecting 7 babies!) - most of them are in Brisbane. And there is not a huge demand for knitted woolly items in the tropics unfortunately. I would have to try and estimate how big they would be for that one month of the year when they wouldn't expire with heatstroke wearing it. My one friend over here expecting at the moment may have to be the lucky recipient of any creations.


Mamie said...
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Helen said...

Oops I just got carried away deleting horrible spam comments and accidentally deleted Mary's nice comment : "Glad to hear that you're still plugging away on knitting! It is fun once you get the hang of it. Are you going the throwing or picking route? Do you know what that means?"

And I have to say....no don't know what that means...