Monday, August 22, 2005

a little bit Blah

Its blah weather and I'm in a blah mood on this blah Monday.

Am feeling restless and something is missing...i want something but can't quite put my finger on what. Chocolate? (always a good first option) A good book? New clothes? Exercise? (almost definitely) New job? (nope - too much effort) A new project? (already have too many) A new vice? (potentially too expensive)

Hmmm - nope doesn't seem to be be any of those. The mystery remains. Hopefully will find it/ shake it off soon. I'm also getting worried that summer is over and I haven't spent enough time outside enjoying it. Tell me there'll be a few more good weekends.

Tonight I'm going to make a little something for my neglected secret pal to send off a package before the final August deadline.

But the most exciting thing I heard today...
Congratulations to Libby and Pete - not one but TWO little girls. Welcome to the world Francesca and Amelia.

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