Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Auf Wiedersehen

This week, before a weeks holiday, an exciting trip to New York and some other fun stuff is going veeerrryyy slooowwwwly. I am thinking about how after the holiday things are going to be different. Smithy will be back from Frankfurt for good, routines will change and hopefully we'll have more time to do things we really want to do rather than spending way too many Friday and Sunday evenings at airpots. I'll have less excuses not to do those things. Although I'm a bit foggy about what they might be at the moment. But very excited.

Kirst and Phil are staying with me this week, doing the final things that need to be done before moving countries, saying goodbye to friends, selling their car (to us ...Yay!). And for some reason a hell of a lot of washing?!! Anyway.

And I've realised that after a steady stream of visitors from home all year that there are no more people coming to stay on the immediate horizon. Its amazing how many people have been over, Mum, Dad, Suze, Steve's mum Lynn, Jo M, David B, and Jo S - one night only but what a great night (hopefully haven't forgotten too many). I've had my cupboards rearranged, tupperware bought (and many other implements my kitchen seemed to be lacking), taken out for dinner and been on some great trips around the place. I've also accumulated some random stuff that wouldn't fit in suitcases and A LOT of electrical conversion plugs. But now the last of the suitcases that have been a permanent feature in my flat since about May are about to be packed and I'm feeling a bit sad. But imagine that extra floor space.

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