Friday, September 16, 2005

Secret Pal goodies

Secret Pal goodies
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Here is another great parcel from my lovely (not so) Secret Pal, Mary. Some lovely rowan cotton rope and a great collection of needles. Its funny how similar the colours are to the ones I've just bought for the twins. As you can see I have started to use my new needles for the jumper sleeve and they are, as advertised, speedy. And lighter than the ones I've been using.

And I love the little labels read my mind Mary...I've been thinking about making some since I got a parcel from Bella Dia with her fab personalised stationary

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Secret Pal (6) said...

Hi there i thought i'd intorduce myself, im your new secret pal!
Sorry to see you seem to have some spam posts here.. why people do this is beyond me!

I hope i can spoil you just as well as your last secret pal did! Expect to hear from me very soon ;)