Friday, September 30, 2005

Back in London-town

I'm sitting in an internet cafe and have just had a blog-spree - a weeks worth of crafty blogs to catch up on - bit of a treat.

The reason I'm sitting in an internet cafe is the eternal optimism of Steve that he will finish work quickly. Optimistic yet completely unrealistic. But I never learn and am always convinced that this time it will be true. "I'll be finished in half an hour" (I had to really try not to laugh at that one, mentally adding an hour). ..."I'll be finished by four MAX". Its now 5:46pm and lets just say, thank goodness for those crafty blogs.

Unfortunately he has had to go to work this afternoon, although lucky low-powered me is left to float around on her last day of holidays, shopping at Borough Markets for some organic veg and slowly come back to earth after a fab trip to New York and cooking course with Delia Smith (in Norwich not NY in case that's confusing!). More on all of that when I get my pics downloaded on Monday.

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