Monday, October 03, 2005

New York highlights #1

Scenes at the Met
Originally uploaded by Hells Bells.

Even after first Monday at work I’m still on a bit of a high after such a good holiday. Something about New York makes me feel inspired and energised (I’m sure I’m not the first person to experience this!).

We arrived Saturday and soaked up the scene walking around in the afternoon. Jetlag kicked in pretty quickly and we woke up on Sunday incredibly early. For some bizarre reason I thought we should get up and go out “to make the most of it”. Of course nothing was open (and we didn’t see anyone else except keen joggers out) but we managed to find some brekky and undrinkable coffee at a dodgy caff until the Metropolitan Museum opened. I think it’s definitely the best art gallery I’ve been to. We then went to the small yet perfectly formed Frick gallery (when it FINALLY) opened after 12. (so ironic from someone who is very rarely up before midday on Sunday).

After all that walking around and looking thoughtfully at paintings we were pretty hungry and Steve was steering me quite determinedly in the direction of a “nice” restaurant. I was kind of wondering why the need for such extravagance but finally clicked when he passed me a little box with “here you go” or something equally romantic. Of course when I saw the sparkler in the box I couldn’t remember what he’d said anyway! Very sneaky (in a wonderful way of course).

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