Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Twins knitting project

Twins baby knits
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Libby and Pete's new twins Amelia and Francesca are going to score matching contrasting (is that possible?!) beanie and jumper sets in this cotton yarn. I have chosen a simpler pattern than my first project ....a very basic boatneck jumper. And as a result I'm making huge progress with them. I had many hours on the train over the last two days on a trip up to Newcastle for work.

I even had a couple of unexpected extra hours yesterday thanks to "complete signal failure in the Darlington region". Our three hour trip took five but I was sitting near some very entertaining people who were intriged by my knitting. The husband of the middle aged Aussie couple from Melbourne volunteered, "I hope you don't mind me saying...but its very weird seeing someone your age knitting!". (I'm not sure what he thought my age was :)) As I explained the rise and rise of stitch & bitch and that such groups actually existed in London their eyes grew rounder and I felt like I was describing a strange cult. Then the BBC producer sitting opposite(on his way to some BAFTA premiere he didn't hesitate to share with us) confirmed my story, adding his sighting of the Circle Line knitters group. The woman opposite me started chatting too and revealed she is Jennie Erdal, the author of a book - Ghosting. It sounds like a good read and I was asking way too many questions about the writing process and her current novel.

I actually went to a knitting group for the first time on Saturday and had a great time meeting Pauline and co. Although it felt pretty weird knitting in the pub with my larger shandy. But it was great to put a face to a first meeting of a real live blogger ...kind of weird meeting someone you know a lot about, but only for a few minutes.

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acechick said...

nothing weird 'bout knitting in a pub - it's the shandy that was odd! LOL!

Nice meeting you, + glad you can make it to the film.