Thursday, October 20, 2005

It makes no sense!

So. I thought I would make this quilt from Kids Quilts in a Weekend by Elizbeth Keevil for one of the twins (Sharon's - a diffferent set from the beanie and jumper twins). Happily she has let us know she's expecting a boy and a girl. Much easier for gift selection.

But. The finished squares are meant to be 61/4 inches (71/2 cut out size including 5/8 seam allowance) but the template for the stars is 4 inches - at 50% of the finished size. So by my calculations that would make it 8 inches when enlarged by 200%. Right?? I am confused. Does anyone else have this book...or any ideas?

And. More of a problem (possibly) -the stars are backed with fusible webbing and just ironed on without any seam (raw edge).

But. I don't think that would look v. good after many washes. Does anyone have any opinions on this? Is it possible to make them with a seam tucked under (difficult with the points?)?

If anyone has any ideas on this please let me know...

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