Friday, October 21, 2005

Sneak Preview - Girl Twin Quilt

Sneak Preview
Originally uploaded by Hells Bells.

Inspired by Kaffe Fasset's 2x2 pastel design in Patchwork and Jane's beautiful 'Etre et Avoir' colourful version I decided to make this for one of the twins. The girl one. Hopefully I will come up with a better name by the time I'm finished. For the quilt that is not the baby . I'll leave that up to Shaz obviously.

Sharon isn't much into pastels but I think I can get away with this combo with the browns and creams to tone it down. I (selfishly) couldn't resist the pinks and lavenders.

I'm pretty happy with the colour combo and am now waiting for some more of the striped fabric for the edge trianges. I bought a small piece of it NY and its perfect but frustratingly didn't have enough. Especially with the mistakes I made cutting it out late last night.

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