Monday, October 24, 2005

London shopping: Liberty


Apart from one or two other craft related activities on the weekend, I met up for coffee with Tim and sneakily lured him into Liberty on the pretext of showing him how unbelievable it is inside but with the secret agenda of buying knitting needles.

After deciding we wanted ALL the furniture on the fourth floor, Tim directed this arty shot of the colourful wool and I managed to grab some needles before he dragged me out again (thats not true actually - he was very patient).

Look at this wood panelling (sorry – bit dark). This place is really a gallery rather than a department store.

And these lights!!


Jane said...

Wow, lovely photos. I'm surprised some Liberty heavy didn't have you arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act - because it seems to me that's the excuse to stop anyone doing normal things these days! The shots of the yarn are lovely.

Great quilt in the making.

Paisley said...

Oh - why didn't I discover the yarn section at Liberty when I lived in London! I did have fun in the fabric hall though. Great photos - it really is a stunning building.