Thursday, November 10, 2005

Manos Scarf

Manos Scarf
Originally uploaded by Hells Bells.

This is me smiling at the bus stop this morning with my brand new cosy scarf. I had a burst of knitting during Wednesday TV night. Am still persevering with Lost and am totally enthralled with the new BBC "Rome" drama. Don't understand what's going on but it doesn't seem to matter.

Our office is away to Glasgow tomorrow for a company get together and Christmas Party. Giddyup (anyone else think its a bit early?)


acechick said...


I'm so proud of you! It looks brilliant, and such beautiful yarn!

kimbofo said...

It looks lovely.

Oh, and I love your coat too. :)

Helen said...

thank you - both are keeping me nice and warm now it has turned so cold.