Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Holiday roundup

I’m finding it a bit hard to write after so long. I didn’t intentionally take the whole month off blogging but it was kind of nice to have a break. We got back yesterday after two weeks in Australia and am recovering from flight and adjusting to lack of sunshine after a two week overdose of the stuff.

Highlights of an excellent trip were:
  • A night of luxury at Shangri-la in Singapore
  • Hot weather (damn hot!)
  • Sunshine the WHOLE time
  • Swimming in the ocean (ok so it was only once and it took me almost all holiday to work up to buying swimmers …but it was a better effort than last year)
  • Emma & Finn being born while we were there
  • Hanging out at the Resort (aka Mum & Dad’s)
  • Lots of catching up with friends
  • Dining at Roberto’s
  • Bollywood NYE party
  • Eating kilos of prawns and mangos (and of course the “great prawn debate” ie the best place and method to procure the Christmas prawns)

    We have come back so relaxed that our bus sailed past this morning and we didn’t even think about running for it. Hopefully the feeling will last for a couple of days at least.

Christmas Lunch - Prawn & Avo salad
Originally uploaded by Hells Bells.


acechick said...

the pix of Malooloobah beach bring a tear to my eye... and I'm a sydney-sider!

I want to hear how rapturous the praise was for twins x 2 gifts - the girlies' were great co-ordinating and the quilts inspirational!

Let's swap skills!

Emily said...

Hi, ive been trying to get in touch with you, not sure if you received the email. Just wondering if you got the package i sent you at Christmas? (I was your SP6)