Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Its Over...

....The worst day of the year - as greatly publicised in several papers here. I'm still cranky though. Its not Monday any more obviously so now I'm blaming sugar deprivation caused by my attempts to stick to the CSIRO diet (modified way my system can take even half that much meat).

Have been sorely tested recently as according to office tradition if you go away for a holiday you must return bearing sweets, chocolate or other yummy edibles. Unfortunately about 3 people just got back from Australia so there has been incredible tempation with Violet Crumbles, Jaffas, Minties and Twisties taunting me everytime I go to the printer.

I have mostly been able to resist by having Aussie day celebrations at Pauline's to look forward to (she has been preparing) but I would estimate that at least a quarter of a packet of Violet Crumble bites have snuck through.

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Paisley said...

The "bring-lollies-back-from-your-holiday-and-hand-them-out-at-work" must be an English thing - they did it where I worked in London as well.