Thursday, January 26, 2006


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Or yet another entry where I attempt some knitting and then publicly wonder what the hell is happening and why it just doesn't look right.

I bought this special wool exclusive to Purl in the NYC foray for the challenge from Mary (start blogging again Mary!!) to knit some socks. For the first time.

About three months later on an autumn afternoon in a pub in East London I finally attempted casting on. However the wine was flowing and as my co-ordination and ability to count deteriorated, any hope of casting on using dpns (double pointed needles, aka trying to juggle four little pointy needles in two hands) ultimately failed.

However, my knitting guru came to the rescue and cast on for me (I have a sneaking feeling I shouldn't be admitting to this).

The lonely cast on row then sat on our kitchen table for anther couple of months while I eyed it off nervously.

Recently I took it up again and the ribbed top bit went fine. I then changed to bigger needles as per the pattern. Unfortunately it may have got a little lost in translation between US and UK sized needles as I'm sure that weird bulging isn't really meant to happen.

Time to consult the guru again (and eat pavlova, lamingtons and kangaroo)

Happy Australia Day youse.

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