Thursday, February 09, 2006

Running, Jogging, Walking

Warning: Shameless Charity Promotion to follow !!!

Just when I thought it was getting warmer - its bloody cold again here -1 tonight. That warm start to the week was such a tease.

But the BBC is promising me its going to be fine on the weekend (for a couple of hours on Saturday anyway) which is lucky as this Saturday Steve and I are doing the 10km Love Run (I didn't make up the name!) in Battersea Park. Calling it a run is definitely ambitious, if I can manage a slow jog for the whole distance I'll be quite amazed.

Its for a good cause -
"Parent Project UKParent Project UK was set up by parents and friends of boys with Duchenne and Becker Muscular Dystrophy. DMD causes severe muscle wasting so that without treatment boys will die before they reach 20. It urgently needs funding for new research and to continue its campaign for a cure."
so if you are feeling so inclined you can make a donation at my online site (it goes straight to the charity)

As you can see I've completely left fundraising til the last minute but better late than never. If you don't feel inclined or flush...just send me good vibes around 11am on Sat.

I'm hitting up my work mates tomorrow too just so no one feels left out :)

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