Tuesday, February 28, 2006

projects projects

I am working on a couple of projects at the moment that I’m quite excited about. Since the beginning of the year I have been concentrating on finishing/starting projects that I have the makings for already on the basis that home buying and wedding in a year could work out quite hard on the budget. I’m working on a quilting project that I started about two years ago and is coming along very nicely. But I can’t say any more at the moment as its for a gift. There is another quilt that I started before that one which I’ll probably keep as a) it’s the first quilt I started and b) it’s a sampler and its bloody fiddly so I don’t think I’ll be able to give it away. Then there’s a few little knitting projects – some really cute booties and a scarf.

But the project I’m enjoying the most is the one I went out recently bought yarn for in a fit of comfort buying at Liberty last Friday. I’m making a little cardie (Erica Knight pattern) in Rowan’s summer tweed. Its really nice – smooth, fast and colourful.

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