Thursday, March 23, 2006

Back to the Games

Hearing the news from Mum that Jana Pittman has won the 400m hurdles so everyone can relax now is very amusing. I’ve been away during both the Olympics and now for the Cth Games so have missed most of the media hype and commentary. Although its impossible to miss all of it. But over here. ….not a mention. I’m worried it will be too hard to go back and live in Aus eventally as I will have missed so many references. Whole sporting events and seasons of Big Brother, Idol etc…. and all my knowledge about Jade Goody, Jordan and the OK! regulars will be wasted.

Here are a couple of hilarious photos from Commonwealth Games history. Talk about Gold!

The official 1970 Australian swimming uniform

And memories from Brissie 1988 - I think I still have my own stuffed Matilda somewhere in storage.

Pics from the Bulletin. More gems there.

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Helen said...

and sigh they finish in less than 24hrs, I wasn't even born when they were here in Brisbane but oh I love seeing Matilda :)
Hadn't seen the 1970 swimming uniform before - loving the print :)