Wednesday, March 22, 2006

LOVE sport?

I’ve been watching quite a bit of the games here – mostly highlights from the day before but if I stay up really late (after 10!) I can watch a bit of the morning stuff.

It is both very frustrating and quite funny getting the UK commentary – any of the races where we have placed one,two,three are not shown at all and they only show results of the top 3 and UK athletes for any event. I have managed to get some glimpses of the aussies. Of course the men’s swimming came in for quite a bit of gloating over here (yeah get over it – we still had more than double the medals in the pool ...sheesh). The funniest thing though is the commentators going on about how we’re so good because “Aussies LOVE their sport” “they just LOVE it” “EVERYONE LOVES it here!!!”. Apparently its because of the sunshine.

In my opinion it’s the excess sunshine that makes me not want to leave the house for most of the summer. I have to admit – sport did play quite a part of the primary school routine… Netball was a constant activity up until about age 11 but then moving schools from teensy Flying Fish Point SS in Innisfail (spare a thought for the cyclone victims and banana farmers) to the big smoke of Brissie was a bit of a shock. Those city girls played dirty! The sledging of would put Warnie to shame. I started to volunteer for reserve position. By high school it was pretty much down hill - I stated to wag Wednesday afternoon sport on a regular basis (unless I could sign up for something they put on for the geeks and nerds like bowling or school magazine).

I realised at some stage during uni that I definitely defaulted to sloth when all remotely sporty activities ceased altogether. Apart from a bit of dancing at Fridays (on Fridays) and City Rowers (on Saturdays). Sometimes the Underground (the new one) if we wanted to branch out.

It wasn’t until I had been in the UK first time round and the Heathrow injection started to bite that I cast around for a solution and started jogging around Tooting Bec common. Five minutes jog, Ten minutes walk. Back home for East Enders. It gradually got better was still a bit of a struggle to be honest.

That’s where the greatest invention of all time for sloths comes into it. Star Rewards was created by the lovely AND talented Robert for Robbo and has been adopted internationally. The equipment is minimal – a calendar and your choice of star stickers and smiley faces for the advanced version. Any exercise over 20mins earns you a star and three stars in a week means a smiley face. That’s it. The beauty is in the simplicity. I didn’t believe it at first but the motivation for getting those smiley faces is a powerful force for the good of exercise. I wonder if the women’s swimming team use it? The men obviously don’t.

OK I admit it – we really do LOVE our sport.

star rewards
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