Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gay Paree

In the afternoon after our wander around the Louvre we decided to check out the Marias district which is a jewish/gay/generally really cool area a couple of metro stops on the number 1 line from the Louvre.

We were in desperate need of coffee and eventually found AND agreed on Tresor (Rue du Tresor) which was perfect - cosy lounge chairs (it was rainy and v. chilly) friendly staff who pretended my stumbling French with a smattering of German made sense, excellent cafe and a very tasty apple tarte.

I had lured Steve to Marais on the basis that it was a groovy area of Paris where we would be sure to find good coffee (is there any part that you wouldn't?) but I had a hidden agenda - the "ribbon shop". Pauline had tipped me off but had failed to emphasise what an Aladin's cave Entre des Fournisseurs is. Not just ribbons but the biggest range of buttons I've ever seen, wool, felt, and a few bolts of Kaffe Fasset fabric. I may be the only person to go shopping in Paris and come back not with fashionable clothing or French cosmetics but a bag full of buttons (I don't want to disclose how much they cost me to protect the guilty) and some felt (what for - not sure yet but the colours have great possibilities).

Have a peek through the window.....

Entre des Fournisseurs
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