Tuesday, March 14, 2006


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My fourth visit to Paris and I finally made it to the Louvre. This is an achievement as I have previously completely by passed the wealth of art on offer in the city of light. Although there was the one time where I decided I really should see a gallery and arrived at the Musee d’Orsay at closing time, convinced them to let me in and passed by the amazing Rodin sculptures at breakneck speed. But I don’t think it really counts as art appreciation.

Of course once I got over the overwhelmingness of such a massive gallery and got through the doors I was wondering why I hadn’t been before. We started with the Sully wing which wasn’t very crowded or intimidating. Mostly concerned with the Egyptian collection – I found it possibly one of the best “non-painting” collections I’ve seen. Every piece was stunning and the creativity of those ancients just so cool.

majestic lions
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I was impressed by the scale of the room of Big Art (ok so I can’t remember who the painter is…details details).

big art
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We weren’t planning on seeing the Mona Lisa due to Smithy’s impatience with crowds and my sheer laziness but reflecting that it had taken four visits to get to the Louvre at all, I thought we should seize the moment. It is small, it is surrounded by heaving hoards of tourists but it is well worth a peek. There’s definitely something compelling about it.

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