Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Weather Report

We are having the weirdest weather here today. Morning – lovely blue skies, a bit windy but not too cold. The daffodils in St James Park have dared to make an appearance at last but no leaves on the trees. But on the way back from a visit to a client this afternoon, a sudden rainstorm tipped it down and we ran past the tourists (who had thoughtfully packed umbrellas in their backpacks along with their Lonely Planets) to the tube.

Blue skies again 10 minutes and 4 tube stops away. But now we have just had a hail storm and the sky is back to interminable grey. But it’s a darker, more menacing grey than the usual soft light grey.

I’m especially conscious of the weather since we turned the clocks forward to summer time on the weekend and arriving home last night in daylight was sheer joy. But I don’t think it will make much difference today.

The weather is not the only unpredictable thing around here at the moment. We are having a bit of a restructuring at work. I have heard a rumour our team will be moved to the hot desks on the internal wall. I like my window seat with a view of a small patch of sky above the building next door. How will I be able to give you weather reports if that happens?!! I know….. gutting isn’t it?!!! Not happy Jan.

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acechick said...

but we're into double figures overnight, HOORAY!