Thursday, March 30, 2006

Un-real Estate

I remember thinking when we put an offer in on a house here last November that it might be a bit early and I would have to break my lease which expires in a couple of weeks. What a babe in the woods I was. Na├»ve. Optimistic. Innocent to the inner workings of the UK property market. Of course I’d heard about the problems of “chains”, the expense of surveys, the difficulties of getting mortgages. But I still somehow thought if you had one party wanting to sell a house and another party wanting to buy it that six months seemed like a long time to complete such a process.

WRONG. Sooooo wrong.

However it seems like we might be getting close. Although we still have nothing in writing and it could collapse with no recourse on either side…..the agent has got a sniff of her commission and I have a feeling will be working very hard to make sure she gets it. Well you would think so anyway.

The latest comment from her was that “the vendor was signing contracts and was going to his solicitor today. We know you are keen to complete (settle) before Easter and he is very keen for that too. I’ll give him a call about dates” So that was yesterday morning and we haven’t heard anything back. Now by my calculations there are now 14 working days before Easter. Surely it can’t be that hard to pick one of them?!!!


kelly said...

My hopeful thoughts are with you. I'm spending my first frenetic week in my "new" old house, and it's wonderful. A thrill a minute. Good luck!

Helen said...

Thank you...its definitely a test of patience