Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Staying resolved

Lifehacker has an article on web sites to help you keep your resolutions. I could probably use all of them but am going to take a close look at using Fitday to help track weight loss goals and the online running log at Coolrunning.

There is a definite fitness theme running through my (non-environmental) goals. As usual. But since my recent fitness test revealled that my fat percentage is 34% which is off the scale, beyond 'very fat' and even beyond 'really really fat' I have been even more motivated.

The personal trainer I have enlisted to help bust the fat has assured me the only way is to create more muscle. This is because I am not all that big - well a UK 12 is considered pretty big these days next to bloody Posh's size zero but not compared to 50s starlets at least. But I admit there are still a couple of kilos to loose in any case.

I think if my PT really knew the situation she would probably say "create more muscle and eat A LOT less cheese". I'm addicted to cheese. And recent experience shows that if I cut out chocolate and alcohol the cravings just get worse. This latest episode falling off the wagon started on New Years Eve when the choice was chips (crisps) or a massive block of Blue Stilton. Well it was conveniently located near me and the half of the block I consumed unassisted (ok ok more like 3/4) was divine. Ever since then I've had cravings. I'll be in the middle of a meeting at work and drift off thinking about the cheese on biccies I'm going to have in the evening. It has got to stop! From this point forward I am going to replace Blue Stilton with carrot sticks.

Yeah right.

P.S. sorry if this is all too much information.

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