Monday, January 08, 2007


I have some environmental new years resolutions this year:
  • Turn things off more (computer, work and home, TV, lights, heating)
  • Only buy veggies without packaging. Harder than it sounds, but more than half the veggies in our local big supermarket are wrapped in two layers of packaging. Possible solution - buy elsewhere - this will definitely take more organisation and planning.
  • Recycle more - I have been lazy about this in the past - No longer!
  • Use environmentally friendly products in our renovations
  • Consume less generally
  • Avoid flying and catch trains whenever possible

And this is not a resolution but I am going to at least think about cycling to work. But that would mean getting over my fear of the Elephant and Castle roundabout which is not going to happen in a hurry. But I think I will start going to spinning classes so at least the concept might be physically possible!

I'm sure there are more things I can do and I will also get more educated.

PS tonight we went to the supermarket and managed to buy all the vegies we needed without any packaging Yay! - there were packaged versions for everything we bought though.


kimbofo said...

If I can cycle to work anyone can. Honestly. I had the biggest phobia about London traffic -- I wouldn't even get in a car let alone try riding a bike. But one day I just thought "feck it" and gave it a go. Sure, there were a couple of wobbly moments and, to be honest, I still get frightened at times, but cycling is just the best natural 'high' I can think of! I have been doing it for 18 months now and am kicking myself I didn't start doing it years ago! (Aside from the fact I lived within walking distance of the office for about four years.)

Anonymous said...

Hey Man

Here is a link to a site for a massively powerful electric scooter that even Steve would be proud of ... Plug it in and hit the road ... Happy Environmental trails 2007


Helen said...

Thanks for the encouragement Kim! I read your cycling adventures with awe - I need to pluck up a bit more courage and a lot more fitness. But maybe by spring.....

Scooters are very hip - very Jamie Oliver dah-ling. Could you really go past a Vespa though?

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

To combat the packaging problem, I avoid shopping at supermarkets. I use an organic/wholefoods store near my house where almost all the veg and fruits come unpackaged, and head to the weekly farmers' market on weekends. The produce are fresher than what you get in the supermarkets. There might be one near where you live...?