Monday, January 08, 2007

Delicious Sunday

Delicious not just for the food, but also for the chance to savour time spent with friends.

We train and tubed it in to Marylebone High Street to The Providores. This cafe & restuarant, wasn't hard to find as we spotted the queue of people out the door from halfway down the street. The Tapa Room which is the cafe downstairs was heaving. Happily we had a booking in the restaurant upstairs and swanned past the anxious, drooling queuers.

The Kiwi roots of Chef and Owner Peter Gordon are revealed through the menu by gems like Boiled eggs with Vegemite soldiers and FLAT WHITE coffees! Probably only an Aussie or Kiwi living in London can really appreciate the excitement seeing those two unassuming words on a menu can bring. It is fresh fusion style food and impeccable yet warm and friendly service. Apparently the wine list is a winner too.

I find it hard to resist French toast on a brunch menu. But when it is French Toast stuffed with Banana and Pecans with grilled, smoked streaky bacon and vanilla verjus syrup there is no chance of me passing it up. Ahhhh.

When we left the queue had grown to about twenty people waiting with anticipation outside.

After that we made our way to far north London, having been invited to Afternoon Tea. The day just got more and more civilised. We had a lovely afternoon chatting and enjoying German style Honig cake and another delicious creation with lemon butter icing. With cups and cups of tea from a teapot. Yumola.

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