Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Year in Reflection

Recent years have been dominated by travel, long distance relationships, running, moving countries and upheaval. In contrast this year has been distinctly domestic with house buying, wedding and planning renovations. My cancerian homebody soul definitely is happier with the recent trend!

Its been an incredibly busy year with some amazing highs but a lot of hard work in between. I'm looking forward to a quiet year with just a small renovation project in 2007 ;)

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acechick said...

Happy new year! It was an honour to be part of yours, and so much fun to have you part of mine.

Here's to many more (bevvies)!

Helen said...

Awwww likewise mate!! (I think that might be one of the nicest blog comments I've ever had. Ah). Cheers to that for 2007!! After detox January that is. GAh!