Saturday, July 21, 2007

T in the Park

When Nic first mentioned this festival I imagined it was spelt "Tea" and was intended to be a bit ironic. Or cosy. Or something. I didn't realise T was for Tennants lager of which copious amounts were drunk over the weekend. Not so much by me incidentally, as I had truly written myself off on the Friday night before (accidentally, like, oops) and almost couldn't make the flight to Glasgow. Luckily I rose above the pain and constant spewing (sorry Mum, I really don't do that much any more) and made it up there as it was an awesome weekend.

Not having been a festival goer before I didn't really know what to expect. What does one do for two days while stuck in a muddly field with thousands of other unwashed people? It was all pretty chilled out. We alternated between watching bands, queuing for drinks and eating dodgy burgers.

The mud was horrendous when we arrived and I had to chuck my work shoes out that I was wearing due to being too drunk the night before to remember to change them. But they gave me blisters anyway so it was a good excuse. Happily N had purchased wellies for us which I gratefully wore for the entire weekend. It dried out over the weekend as it didn't rain at all after Friday night and the weather on Sunday was really nice.
The music was really good although noone was very impressed with Babyshambles and Amy Winehouse was a total shambles and didn't even show up. We saw Razorlight and the Killers on Saturday night for a fun headline show. See you next year for a nice cup of tea.

PS. I think it would have been a lot cooler if I hadn't been wearing my glasses but then I would't have seen the awesome view up there. Note to self - wear my contacts more.

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