Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Home and Hot

Somewhere between Singapore and Darwin

The last few days I've been running around the city, sweating like crazy and LOVING it!! After leaving Frankfurt in a flurry of the first snow arriving here to the hottest day of the summer (so far) at 37 degrees felt pretty warm.

My flight was fairly uneventful if tediously long. Packed flights meant close proximity to fellow flyers. Singapore to Brissie I was sat next to a friendly girl from South Africa now living in London. As we started the descent I noticed her filling out the immigration form and inadvertently (kind of) noticed she had written "film director" for occupation. Sounded pretty cool. But that turned out to be her husband's because when she did her's next of course I was having a not so inadvertent sticky. She filled hers in with "model" as the occupation. That was just over the top. Nauseatingly cool. And did you know they don't even put spew bags behind the seats any more? When she had told me earlier they were "freelancers" I was imagining something as glamorous as English teaching to a bunch of bankers. I was sooooooo wrong.

Anyways when Suze met me at the airport with a beautiful bunch of flowers and whisked me straight up the coast to "The Resort" (aka Mum and Dad's) I felt like a superstar myself. Well a sleep deprived jetlagged superstar sans the big sunnies and Louis Vuitton luggage. Such a good feeling to be home for a few weeks of sun surf and being spoilt. And there's nothing like a juicy Bowen mango on a hot day.

Some recent random piccies…..

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Anonymous said...

Excellent write-up and photos - worth the wait!!