Sunday, December 12, 2004


Am off to Brisvegas tomorrow at mid-day and sit down folks…but I’ve already packed. The night BEFORE!!! My family who have been tortured by my last minute packing, sitting on suitcases and speeding to the airport for years would be impressed. Well they will be impressed if I do it again at the other end of the holiday when they’re there. I’m so packed I even have the bottle of water to hydrate on the plane all ready. Hmmm must have forgotten something important. Summer t-shirts and skirts, check; cute pressies from Christmas markets, check; half a suitcase of 30 year old Mercedes parts, check. Oh well maybe that’s everything then.

Smithy and I have just had a lovely pre-Chrissie weekend at Melmberby and the best thing about that is early Christmas pressies. Yay!!

Anyways if you’re in Brissie on Friday and fancy meeting up I’ll be on the old mobile number. Cheers!!

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