Wednesday, February 22, 2006

My mind is full to the brim with thoughts, ideas and to-dos at the moment. Its all going on here – house buying (in London – not for the fainthearted), wedding planning (in Australia, from London…also quite challenging), re-assessing job career opportunities (self reflection and CV – ugghh!) while trying to keep up with the day to day and make time for those things that inspire and uplift.

My new year’s resolution of being more sociable has been more successful that expected. I’m hardly a social butterfly yet but am at least leaving the house and actually seeing people on weekends now which wasn’t happening (without the use of implements to prise me out the door) at the end of last year. This weekend we went out BOTH nights – 30th birthday drinks for the lovely Beth on Friday and a couple-y dinner at Bam-bou (quite flash - food nice but not sensational) on Saturday.

I’m still not quite up to coping with much on School nights. Although last week I went on one of the famous London Walks with Pauline. It was really great but they made a tactical mistake including so many pub stops in the walk and we didn’t quite make it out of the second one in the gorgeous Leadenhall Markets (designed by London city architect Horace Jones in 1881 and more importantly, full of wine bars if you look up to the second floor). Plus it was freezing. Plus there is only so much of a big group of tourists a girl can take on a Thursday evening.

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